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Web application web design and development

Connect your website accounting system

Web application design and development

Web applications are everywhere. A web application can be on every website. For example a contact form on a web site can be classed as a web application. But also the online booking system when you book a flight. Or maybe you want your online accounting system integrated with your e-commerce website. Another example of a web application is to have your clients design their own products online and order them online. Web apps are not only on your mobile but also on a normal website on your laptop or desktop. Bespoke web application design and development can enhance your website and your business. MPL Web Design can develop web applications for any budget and can be implemented on a new or existing website. The only limit to your web application is your imagination.

API integration Online secure admin database system
Social media web applications Integrate your online accountant software
Online product design Mobile friendly and W3C compliant
Web application web design and development

Automate and integrate social media

Social media web applications

Social media presence on your website is indispensable nowadays. MPL Web Design can produce applications to integrate your website with your social media and make them one. You can have for example your latest social media posts integrated in your website. Or maybe you want to automatically have a social media post created when you update your website or ad a new product to your e-commerce website. MPL Web Design can create a web application to make it happen. MPL Web Design web applications will improve your social media presence and will drive traffic to your website.

Web application web design and development

Your own online secure admin system

Online admin system design and development

Have your own secure admin database online. MPL Web Design can design and develop your own administration web application. You will be able to access your data everywhere online. If you decide to work a day from home or if you are visiting a client all your data is available to you wherever you are. Your online database web application will be hosted on a secure server via a secure connection and will be built with security first. Any sort of data can be stored securely from images on your portfolio to your latest sales figures. Contact MPL Web Design for a free first consultation.